Saving Soil: at your fingertips

An annual subscription to the Australian Soil Club is $33 ($40 for overseas subscribers). If you would like to subscribe, please fill out the application form send to:

The Australian Soil Club
c/o Professor Lyn Abbott
School of Earth and Geographical Sciences
The University of Western Australia
Crawley, WA 6009

As a subscriber you will have access to information and research into the physical, chemical and biological aspects of soils on the website and receive a quarterly newsletter. Information about how to access regional data and expertise will be provided as well as opportunities to attend workshops and seminars.


As the Australian Soil Club develops further, we will endeavour to provide information on topics specifically requested by subscribers. Topics identified already have included: straw and stubble management, soil compaction and hard setting soils, nutrient management and recognition of deficiencies, soil moisture issues and management, liming, organic fertilisers, acidity, salinity, soil electrical conductivity, increasing organic matter.

If you have topics that you would like addressed in this newsletter or have an article to contribute, please email or send your request to the address listed on this page.